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Curriculum & Instruction

Members of the C & I Committee review issues, policies, programs and resources related to curriculum and instruction in the CTE classroom. Topics such as Designated Subjects CTE credential requirements, Multiple Pathways and Linked Learning as well as general trends in CTE are shared. Members identify curriculum needs within ROPs across the state and try to identify new and emerging programs to share with colleagues. In addition, extra projects may be assigned to the committee by the Executive Committee based on objectives of the strategic plan for that year.

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The purpose of the CAROCP Legislative Committee of the CAROCP is to review, analyze and make recommendations on proposed and/or pending legislation to the Board of Directors of the Association. Further, the purpose is to support legislative positions established by the Board of Directors

The Committee will operate solely at the pleasure of the Board President and will represent the legislative positions and policies of the Association. The Committee will be coordinated and directed by the Chair of the Committee.


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The Membership Committee to serve as the primary vehicle for securing new members, retaining existing members, developing membership benefits, preparing and distributing membership information and communicating information with ROCP members. This committee also serves as the group to represent and monitor the needs of membership

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